Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Cage Of Rose Stems

White ceramic dolls will crack and bleed sawdust.
Hollow men with death inside are walking all around us.
I will part the oceans like ripping stomachs open.
Are you will living or just going through the motions?
There's no grave that you can make that will ever put me in my place.
Holes in the heart, to small to find a place.
Rumors of peak oil, and threats of global warming.
Are all just cover ups for the nuclear war they're planning.
A friendly old man with a horrid toothless smile
A carousel horse watches me all the while.
Indeed. Ghosts are real.
But they wear furs and make-up and red high heels.
While innocent children have their bodies mutilated.
The bone dust drug left all of us sedated.
And Lady Godiva survived her operation.
But he'll never be the same again.

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