Thursday, September 4, 2008

Iowa Hip Hop

Iowa seems like the last place you'd expect to find any good hip hop. But you'd be wrong and you should be ashamed because there are some real good acts from this otherwise boring as hell state.

Aeon Grey
I saw this guy live not too long ago. Besides some technical problems he rocked. His lyrics are awesome and he's a beast when it comes to the beats.

Triple 9
One of the first local acts I got into. A trio from Des Moines that makes straight up horrorcore.

The Few But Crazy
Some crazy dudes from Davenport. If you're a fan of Brotha Lynch Hung or early Three Six Mafia you've gotta hear these guys.

Izzy Dunfore
No he's not! Go check this cat out.

And last and certainly least.

Lil' Ol' Me

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