Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shiny and new!

So the fan in my other laptop conked out and I'd been having having problems with it overheating. At first I was going to get a new fan for it but it was starting to get pretty old so instead I just got a new laptop.

So far it's pretty damn good. It's much faster and has a much bigger hard drive. The only problems were some trouble connecting to the internet which was fixed with a call to my University's IT services and I had to install Open Office because this only had a trial version of Microsoft Word on it. Only I'm glad I did because it's much better. Plus, I need to ...*ahem* obtain Photoshop again, and I forgot to back up the brushes and fonts from my old laptop. Oh well, it'll be a fresh start and I can always mess around with GIMP until I get Photoshop again. Once I get some time I'm going to give Linux a whirl and see if I can't switch from Vista.

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Surreal Killa said...

If you're using Open Office and GIMP then you're already half way to converting to Linux. I suggest Ubuntu or it's variants like Xubuntu or Linux Mint. I find Linux to be better than Windows at everything except for certain hardware compatibility (due to hardware manufacturers not supporting Linux) and most games (due to game developers not supporting Linux). Not to mention 99.9% of all the software is free. Free as in monetary-wise, and free as in open source. Plus you can find various programs on Linux that are alternatives to most of the major Windows programs (which generally cost insane amounts of money) and in some cases the alternatives are even better. And like I said, all free. As for command-line (called console or terminal in Linux) which you might take issue with; on modern Linux systems like Ubuntu, etc you can generally get away without ever really using the command-line. But I personally love it and prefer it to graphical ways of doing certain tasks. I've been using Linux since early '07, so I'm fairly knowledgeable with it. So hit me up if you need help with anything.

Also, the program Wine allows you to run a lot (not all) of Windows programs under Linux.

And don't forget you can dual-boot (or even multi-boot) so you don't need to get rid of Windows completely. I keep Windows for my games.