Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama Sucks.

I can't believe he actually tries to be more neo-conish than that shit head O'Reilly.

I read a really insipid cartoon by a left-liberal that had a guy saying "I don't like Obama's politics and it has nothing to do with race." And in a box next to it read "Translation: This has everything to do with race."

What an idiot. I hate election season.

Don't worry. I'll be picking on McCain next time.


Reformed Patriot said...

Like we've heard much from you in the previous week :-P

Rorshak (1313) said...


Oh, you're talking about what I had before. Is it still showing up as that for you?

Royce Christian said...

"The lesser of two evils is still, evil."

At least in the US you can't be fined and arrested for refusing to vote.

It's all just ballots, bullets and bullshit. No matter who you choose.

Surreal Killa said...

I'm half way through it and so far Obama seems on point.O'Reilly on the other hand is a real prick and I wanna take a tire iron to his cranium.