Monday, October 20, 2008

I Hate All Of You

I watched a video on Penn Jillette's youtube channel where he asked why Obama didn't just change his middle name to keep it from being used against him.

Now that's a bit of a silly question because his opposition would just dig it up and use it against him anyway. But reading the comments makes me want to start snapping the necks of puppies. They said he was 'ignorant', 'racist' (what?), a 'wingnut' and a 'Republican'. Penn is a member of the Libertarian Party by the way.

They said he was ignorant and yet they post this kind of crap. Yeah, that kettle is one black motherfucker ain't he? I hope that isn't racist too.

Newsflash, Obama is not above criticism just because he's black (well, Mulatto actually). I'm tired of hearing people who oppose him being accused of being racist when their opposition to him has nothing to do with race. I'm looking at you Bill Maher

I don't understand human beings. Thank god, I'm not one.


Surreal Killa said...

I love the last line.

As for Barack Hussein Obama changing his name, the man shouldn't have to. I'm glad he's winning. It shows the American people are not as narrow-minded as the rest of the world think. Being able to look past the fact he has an Islamic name and also that he has a dark skin tone.

Also, I don't get why everyone's calling him black. His mother's white, his father's black. That make's him Mulatto.

Rorshak (1313) said...

"That make's him Mulatto."

Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me.

"the man shouldn't have to"

Yes, and I give him credit for not underestimating the intelligence of the average American. But it's hardly 'racist' to wonder why he wouldn't just change it.

Surreal Killa said...

Agreed. It is stupid though. The opposition would just bring it up, like you said. So Penn didn't think that one through.