Saturday, November 29, 2008

Market Anarchist Blog Carnival No. 21

Welcome to the 21st edition of the Market Anarchist Blog Carnival!

For our first entry we have David Gross from the Picket Line with his entry: The Picket Line — 31 October 2008. This article addresses the issue of organization in an anarchist society. Anarchy is not a "system". It's free association and society organizes from the bottom up rather than the top down.

The next entry is from Cork of Corktageous with this entry: Bringing Spooner's Vision To Life...Realistically in which he explores how to make work relations more egalitarian in the context of modern industry and why it is desirable.

Next we have Francois Tremblay from Check Your Premises with his article Statism as a sign of immaturity. In his submission, Francois explores the psychology of the statist mind and how it is indeed a very immature one.

Our final entry comes from Michael Wiebe at Libertarian Anarchy with the article Root Causes and the Libertarian Debate where he argues that libertarians who support closed borders are in fact taking a very unlibertarian position and that they should instead be attacking the root of the problem of forced intergration, government borders.

That's all the entries this month. Thank you to everyone who submitted entries! Enjoy the articles.

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