Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What if you're wrong?

"Well, what if you're wrong?"

I usually see this question in response to someone who argues strongly for any kind of position on anything.

I really wonder why people ask this, there's no purpose to it other than using it as a clumsy attempt to plant seeds of doubt. Who cares if I "might" be wrong? What if you're wrong?

The same seems to apply to pseudo-philosophical questions like "What if everything is an illusion?". What if we all die in five minutes and this conversation was pointless (though if someone's asking you this, it probably already is)?

Instead of asking "what if you're wrong" why don't you actually give me a reason to think that?


Mike Gogulski said...

Here's me with a curmudgeonly shrug and the response, "Try it and see".

Cork said...

Another stupid thing they say is: "How do you know?" I get that a lot when I debate politics in real life, and it kills me every time.

Or, my all-time favorite: "Nu-uh!"

Such compelling arguments!