Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Staff Sergeant (A Limerick)

Here's a dumb, funny limerick I wrote just a moment ago.

There was a staff sergeant named Pilate
who everyone said was a riot.
Until early last March,
they had him discharged
for being caught wanking his privates.


Surreal Killa said...

Haha. You weird ass nigga. That 's some funny shit doe.

Oh, and on unrelated matters when are you going to drop some new rap shit? I'm still bumpin' the first shit I ever heard of yours back in '06. Need some new shit. LOL... I'm one to talk though... been sayin' I'm finna drop shit since '04 and still haven't, lmao. Anyway, yeah I'ma get rid of my blogger blog soon cuz I plan on making some subdomains on the URC site 1 for my anti-government shit and another for linux/computer shit.

Peace, homie.

Rorshak (1313) said...

Well, I'm not making any promises. But if everything goes as planned I'm going to release another free EP either in March or over the summer. I've been practicing a bit so hopefully it'll be far superior to "Benjamin's Lot"