Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Uterus Puppies!

Outside of a church in my town there's a big sign that says "Embryos Are Babies!". OK, not too unusual for a conservative church, but right next to it there's a picture of a newborn baby.

OK, they do know that newborn babies look nothing like embryos don't they? They look like this. But having that next to the sign wouldn't give the people who pass by much empathy. They need to have an actual baby there with a, "Please, oh please don't abort me!" look on it's face.

They should take a tip from PETA. Not too long ago they figured out that people can't get behind banning fish sandwiches because fish are "slithery and slimy" and just not cute at all. So they came up with this adorable little campaign called sea kittens. Where they have a flash game with fish drawn with cute little anime-esque eyes and you can dress them up in clothes and wigs and all these accessories. Awww, isn't it just precious? And they're hoping this'll get people to stop eating fish sticks.

The pro-life people should adopt a campaign like this. They can make a site where you can dress up first term fetuses and call it "Uterus Puppies". And they can talk about how abortion hurts the poor little uterus puppies and put them on their signs. It would also make them look less creepy than the signs with bloody, dead fetuses on them. I'm totally going to sell them this idea.

"Uterus Puppies" is my intellectual property by the way. Steal it and the copyright ninjas will come to you while you're sleeping and rape you in the ass.

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