Monday, September 7, 2009

I Am Possessed By Evil Spirits

So I just had a rather odd experience. I currently live in a dormitory that has a shared bathroom. I was taking a shower and while in there I was mumbling to myself about various things. Things I have to do tomorrow, some funny jokes I remembered, things like that. I come out and there's someone standing by the sinks. I go to brush my hair and teeth and he starts a conversation that goes like this.

Him: Are you okay?
Me: Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine.
Him: Because, I thought I heard someone... *points to showers*
Me: Oh no, I was just talking to myself.
Him: Do you do that often?
Me: Heh, yeah.
Him: What do you talk to yourself about?
Me: Oh nothing really, I just babble.
Him: Are you sure you're okay?
Me: I'm not crazy if that's what you mean.
Him: Well, there are things that talk to us that aren't us
Me: What?
Him: Like spirits
Me: ... Okay, if you insist.
Him: Cuz, you know, you don't want one of them talking to you.
Me: I'm fine, I wasn't talking to any ghosts.
Him: *long pause* Okay *he leaves*
Me: ...

I have to wonder if he was on something, because he seemed a little out of it.

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