Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Ballad of Lucky Bud

A poem I'm working on. Any feedback is appreciated.

There's a man who just seemed
To have all the luck
Named William Post the Third
But his friends call him Bud

Born in Pennsylvania
and when his mother died
He was sent to an orphanage
What a lucky guy

No car, no home, no money
He spent his life drifting
Taking any job he could
Just trying to make a living

Six marriages that all
Ended in divorce
At the age of 66
He couldn't take it anymore

He bought a lottery ticket
One day on a whim
No one would have thought
that Lucky Bud would win

Lucky Bud was ecstacic
His ship had come in
With 16 million dollars
The world seemed to be his

He collected his winnings
And bought a restaurant
A house, cars and planes
And of course a yacht

But people came to Lucky Bud
With envy on their minds
His brothers his sisters
His landlords and ex-wives

Lucky Bud was deep in debt
The pressure made him ill
And his own brother took out
A contract to have him killed

So to save his own neck
Bud took it on the lam
But bill collectors found him
No matter where he ran

Bud was at his limit
It had all gone to hell
So he tried to pay off
a collector with shotgun shells

All that got Lucky Bud
Was a few nights in jail
And he could barely afford
To pay for his bail

He sold everything he bought
To pay off what he owed
He wished he never won
He was happier broke

Well he's broke again, but still in debt
And he will be until he dies
Yep, that good old Bud
He's quite a lucky guy

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Mike Gogulski said...

Totally looks like a Primus track in the making. Change NOTHING!