Sunday, February 28, 2010

Warning: Anti-Tobacco Activists May Cause Ulcers

I've been seeing a really stupid ad making the rounds online. It shows a lollipop and the caption says 'cherry-flavored', then it turns into a tin of chewing tobacco and the caption changes to 'to addict kids'.


Yeah, the tobacco companies now have an insidious new plan. See, they get your kids addicted to chewing tobacco, which causes their teeth to rot and pop out of their ugly little heads. Then when the kids have lost all their teeth, they'll track them down and fuck them in the mouth with no worries about them biting down! The evil bastards!

Seriously, why the fuck would a kid want to chew tobacco? That shit looks nasty. I wouldn't have put it in my mouth when I was a kid. I wouldn't have cared if they marketed it as tasting like chocolate or pizza. I wasn't that stupid.

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